Mini Fondant Flowers

Mini Fondant Flowers

So here’s a quick and easy way to decorate your cupcakes!

Fondant is almost like working with Play-dough but dry’s much faster. You can buy it pre-made and any Micheal’s Craft store, or baking supply store/website.  Now when working with fondant you want to make sure that you keep your fondant fresh at all times- always keep it sealed.

When making these flowers you only need a small amount and whatever your not using keep wrapped in saran wrap.

Workspace- Now I like to work on marble/granite counter tops as there cold and its easier to work with the fondant.

Prep time: 15-20 minutes               Makes 15-20 mini flowers

What you need-

  • Fondant rolling pin
  • Cookie cutter (mini) of your choice-  (I used one of the Wilton Fondant Cutters available at Micheal’s Craft store)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Candy pearls
  • Food Glue or water

To make food glue-

  • 1 tsp Tylos powder
  • 1 cup of water

Bring water to a boil and slowly mix in the powder, let cook until you see it start to thicken and then let cool. This stores at room temperature.


Step 1: Place a thin film of powdered sugar onto your work place to keep the fondant from sticking.

Step 2: Roll your fondant out to be about the thickness of a quarter, Now remember to work quickly so the fondant wont dry out too fast.

Step 3: Once rolled out you may then take your fondont cutter and beging to cut out your flowers. Once you finish cutting up your fondant I recommend making a little indentation on the flowers for the pearl to sit in.                                                                                                          (You have to do this before they dry otherwise they will crack.)

Step 4: After making your indentation you can the place a very little bit of glue in it and then add pearl onto the flower. And your done!

Just let them sit out to dry for at least an hour of so before storing.

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  1. Lyne Francoeur Ostholthoff says:

    I love it!

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